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Learning Swedish: Week 1 progress

In this first week of learning Swedish on Duolingo, the main focus has been on building the basics with:

  1. Verbs:
    är (to be)
    äter (to eat)
    dricker (to drink)
    har (to have)
    läser (to read)
  2. Pronouns:
    jag (I)
    hon (she)
    han (he)
    vi (we)
    ni (you pl.)
    de (they)
  3. Nouns:
    ett barn / barnet (a child / the child)
    en flicka / flickor / flickan (a girl / girls / the girl)
    en pojke / pojkar / pojken (a boy / boys / the boy)
    en kvinna / kvinnor / kvinnan (a woman / women / the woman)
    en man / män / mannen (a man / men / the man)
    ett äpple (an apple)
    bröd (bread)
    en smörgås (a sandwich)
    ris (rice)
    mjölk (milk)
    vatten (water)
    en tidning (a newspaper)
    en bok (a book)
    ett brev (a letter)
    en meny (a menu)
  4. Conjunctions:
    och (and)

Next up are some basic phrases, foods and animals!



Learning Swedish: A journey begins!

In early 2013 (I’m sorry, I misspoke in the video), I was lucky enough to travel to Stockholm, Sweden. Upon my arrival, I immediately felt at home with the culture and the environment. Something was very familiar about the place, it was as if I had been there before. This inquiry is designed to provide myself with a working knowledge of the Swedish language so that I may go back one day and converse with locals, learn from them, and ultimately establish a sincere connection with a country that calls to me.

Please note that although I’ve been to Sweden once before, my current speaking level is what I would call non-existent. I hope to change this. To start, I will work my way through the Swedish language on Duolingo. I will upload weekly videos showcasing my progress with the language, and hopefully, engage in conversations with native speakers/fellow learners along the way.

This first video represents a starting point. With regards to any skill, it is important to remember that we all start somewhere. Find something you are passionate about, and gift some of your time to that passion. Here’s to making mistakes, getting dirty, and learning (Swedish)!



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