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Blog 3: Accessible Learning

This week my classmate, Fran needed to stay home to be with her child who was feeling unwell. Had it been 20 years ago she would have missed the class altogether. Do not despair! With technology where it is today, Fran was not only able to video conference in to our class, but was able to do so in style…

Introducing ____________________________ (<- insert name of device here***)

This device allows anyone to be a part of the classroom from anywhere in the world. In this instance, Fran has control of the robot’s movements and is therefore able to move about the classroom at the touch of a button. In other words, I did not get up to take a selfie with Fran, she came to take a selfie with me!

This is the kind of technology that is making classroom learning more accessible and inclusive to a wider range of learners with various learning needs and abilities.


  1. Nick Kruks

    One I love your header image
    Two cool Fran selfie!

    • jamieandrews

      Thanks, Nick!

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